24 Hours a day Unlocking Service

You’ll be glad to know that we offer an unlocking service that is 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all unlocking. We offer this service to residential and commercial customers and provide the best customer service in the industry. You want to know that you’re in safe hands when you call a locksmith and that is why you can rest assured that with almost 20 years experience and a reputation for excellence you are in safe hands. Don’t let a lock out spoil your day – contact us today!


Locksmiths cutting new and replacement keys

three locks sheffieldFor a piece of kit used every day, surprisingly many people do not think about the importance of the quality of their keys. An imitation or weak key can lead to disaster at the most inconvenient of times; it is all too easy for a poorly-made key to twist or break off in a door or vehicle lock. Bad luck says this will happen just when you need to get somewhere urgently. If this happens, our emergency locksmith Sheffield service will quickly come to your aid.

However, prevention is better than cure. If your keys have stopped operating smoothly, contact us now to get durable replacements cut. We cut keys for rim locks, window locks, bike locks, vehicle doors and more other types of locks. Precision equipment using modern technology ensures your new key will last for years to come!

Your always available emergency locksmith service

open 24 hours sheffield Get in touch at any time with us to help with your emergency locksmith Sheffield and we’ll be there to your rescue. With our understanding guys, the emergency locksmith service is always there, ready and available. So if you are on the wrong side of the locked door, without keys and without access, let us help you with your urgent need to get in. Of course if the situation is in the reverse, your local locksmiths will be there before you know it to help you get out, or to help you ensure that you can securely lock your door behind you. With deep understanding of your urgency, and knowing just how stressful being locked out or lock in situation can be, your professional locksmiths will always put your emergency as a top priority.

We’ll be there with all the tools required for any job, and should you have lost the keys and need a new lock installed, no problem! We carry a range of the most common types of locks ready for installation with us, to make sure that your inconvenience is minimised and there are no need for you to make further arrangements. You can trust your locksmiths to always have your best interest in mind, so save our number, and feel free to ring us with your emergency, whenever that may be!

For any other of our day to day services, appointments can be made at times which are good for you, and this includes outside of regular working hours. Just so that your security is never something which is left compromised. If you have custom made security and locks at home or at work, we can also help as our specialised knowledge base is wide. However should there ever be anything that we don’t know, we can always point you in the right direction of where you need to go. So get in touch with your reliable and trusted Sheffield security providers today with all your questions and enquiries!

High security locks and locking solutions

reliable service sheffieldTrained in the art of lock installation, the guys here can handle a wide range of locks from the standard cylinders to the high security deadbolts and custom built locks and mechanisms. If you have a lock somewhere which is giving you trouble in any way, get in touch with a trained professional in the field, someone who can help you resolve your current issue. Our locksmiths are fast, friendly and have a burning passion for locks and security, something that you no doubt will notice if you get in touch. Lifting your phone to your ear after dialling our number you will always have someone at the other end of the line. Even if your call is an emergency lockout call in the middle of the night.

The dedication of the lads brings to life a 24 hour available service to help anyone in a difficult situation with an urgent need to regain access. This means that you will never be locked out or locked in for long. The lads hurries to any emergency site and with the tools needed for any emergency lockout job already loaded in the vehicles you can expect a lightning fast arrival of the help you so need. This wonderful locksmith service works around the clock to make sure that your every need is fulfilled, and views your security as the paramount priority always to be kept in mind. Dealing with people’s home and business security holds responsibility for their safety, that is why the experts here always works hard for you.

Customised security solutions

customised home security sheffieldWe are living in the era of the individual, not only to be seen in the face and personality of our culture here in the UK, but also to be discerned in the need for individualised security solutions. What we mean by this is that with each situation being different, the distinct need for a personalised security solution to reach optimal security for the individual is evident.

If you get in touch with our specialised locksmiths now, you will be able to find out more on how you can find the suiting and preferred security solution for your needs. Something as short, simple and easy to arrange as a home or business security inspection can be found with the flexible locksmith team, and we can come to site at a time which is right for you.

It’s not only an era of individualisation, but also an era for customisation and convenience, for the customer of course. The workers here are happy to go the extra mile and provide our services at suitable times to you, and with high efficiency we will do the installation work and go through all the details with you.

In this process of course you will have the chance to get all your questions answered, and your friendly, local locksmiths are always happy to provide tips, advice and information which may be helpful to your specific situation. So make sure that you stay secure at home and at work, everyday, all day, get in touch with the fast, affordable and friendly locksmiths now to find out all you need to get your individual security installed as soon as possible.

Lock installations from a lock specialist with the know-how

upvc window locks sheffieldTo ensure good window security is today as important as it is to ensure good door security. If you are unsure if you are up to date, why not get in touch with your local locksmith team. Here we hold the knowledge and information which will bring your security standards up a notch.

Your locksmiths think that today it is extra important that you, especially as a homeowner of a business owner, keep good security practices. There are larger and larger gaps in the society and the ones less fortunate today have less opportunity to make their way, so many choose the option of taking what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Ensure that you keep unwanted guests out of your home or office, and ensure that you keep your belongings safe and secure, just as you keep your home which you’ve invested time and money in for a long time up to the standards which reflects that value. If you have any questions, call your any of our specialised locksmiths here in Sheffield and if you would like to book in for us to come and make an inspection of your security situation, including your current window security, feel free to give us a call now.

Home security installations from an expert locksmith

security installations sheffieldIf there is anything that is a must in the current day and age, the workers here would imagine it to be a good home security situation. Providing security for your financial investments, your belongings and your personal space, not to mention keeping your family safe and secure is surely the highest priority of any home owner. If you are a new home owner, it is extra important that you ensure that the integrity of your home security is kept. A locksmith can help you find how to do just that, in the best and most efficient way. The helpers here recommends to any new home owner that all the locks on the doors are changed as to guarantee you are the only key holder. If they keys were not custom made requiring special key which could be cut only by the previous owner and the related paperwork required it’s always best to get new ones fitted. Call one of our trusted local locksmiths Sheffield to provide you with quick installations with up to standard locks at competitive prices.

Adding the layer of a home security system of some form is always also recommended, as it adds a very effective deterring layer to your home at a relatively low cost. Homes with alarm panels are much less likely to be targeted for break-ins. Your local locksmith service would understand where the thought to put a fake alarm panel up as a budget version, however considering the affordability of home security systems today, you may as well reap the many benefits of having a working alarm up and running at your home. If you have any questions about home alarm systems, feel free to get in touch with our Sheffield home security professionals today!

Your local locksmith understands home security

caring locksmith serviceIf there is any statement that is suiting on the topic, it might just be that which claims knowledge to be the solution. Something that the helpers here can calmly agree with, as we see how you to, can at home become more secure with a few handy and applicable tips and tricks.

Speaking to a trained and experienced locksmith about your security situation is something which will not only bring you insight into how you can get into better security habits at home or at work, but it will also inform you of the different high security methods which are out there today.

Products and systems which can help you build up the layers of your home or business security to a satisfactory level, in line with both industry standards as well as your personal home insurance or work insurance policy.

On top of that, this locksmith service is here when you need it and on your schedule. Meaning that you can get in touch when it suits you with your questions and you have full control over the times we arrange for any work to be done should you be in need of repair, replacement or installation of some sort.

With many wonderful and current security products in stock you can rest assured that you will find something suiting to your security here, and coupled with the knowledge held by the practical men, the service and advice you will encounter is without like in quality and friendliness.

Any hour you need us you can get in touch. Emergency repairs and lockout situations are something that your Sheffield-based security team are always packed and ready to go for, meaning also that you can expect the help you need on a quick turnaround.

High quality precision key cutting from your local locksmith

locksmith keys and locksKeys no matter what type, shape or form, should, in accordance with our policy, always be strong and long lasting. They should also be made to perfection in order to ensure minimal wear and tear on your locks, regardless of how often they are used. So feel free to get in touch with your Sheffield key cutting service to ensure that your keys are up to the highest standards, for your spare keys and the keys that you use in your everyday alike. Making sure that your key turns smoothly every time is something that your locksmith sees as obvious. After all, quality is never something that should be compromised on.

Should you get your keys cut here, you’ll have the highest standard in quality keys, but it doesn’t mean that the price is not competitive. With keeping our eyes on the market and keeping low service cost we can provide what you need, when you need it, and on top of that at an affordable rate and at a time which suits you. Plus, with the workers always in training, precision key cutting can be performed quick, and your new freshly cut keys will be in your hand within a few minutes.

If you have any questions about keys, locks or anything else in the security region, feel free to speak to one of the security experts here. Other than the high quality key cutting service, you will also find that you can get virtually any security product and installation from the experienced men here. There are no reasons to wait, get in touch to get your new keys today, or with any other of your security inquires. Our locksmith team is always welcoming and we are happy to help you with anything that you may need.

Repairs and maintenance from your expert locksmiths

sheffield home securityFor all your key replacements, lock repairs, and security system maintenance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a highly trained and efficient experts. Your favourite locksmiths are always with the industry market, and with years of experience maintaining a wide variety of security systems, as well as repairing a wide range of standard and custom made locks you will be amazed at the knowledge and flexibility available. As far as the work done and products installed, should you speak with any of our customers, you will find out that our good reputation is based on work and merit, and ensuring that you are safe and secure in your home is our priority.

A caring locksmiths service also understands the busy times, and the need for convenience. Energy is not infinite for anyone, and ensuring that we fit appointment, repairs, and any other work in need of doing around your schedule is something that your flexible locksmiths service does gladly.

Should you require something pronto, regardless of the time, the telephone lines are always open, all hours of the day and year, meaning that your service needs are always fulfilled. With many standard models of locks in stock and ready for installation, your lock can be replaced swiftly and easily, as soon as today. So don’t hesitate calling if there is anything you need, and if you have any questions, your local locksmith is always happy to help! If you are new to thinking about security and locks, of course you can also find the advice and assistance you need here. Speak to one of our knowledgeable locksmiths today with regards to your security situation and ensure a safe and more secure future for yourself and the ones you love.

From risk assessment to security installation with your locksmiths

protect again risk with a local locksmithProviding a quick and easy to access installation service is something of a must for the men here, this as we are aware of the risks that one faces as a home owner today. Of course a different set of risks are faced by you as a business owner, what is common to the two however is that they can be greatly reduced, with the help of a professional security expert.

The emphasis of speed is placed simply as you never know just when disaster will strike, and it’s important to be up to date and protected as soon as possible. In calling your local locksmith service you will be able to find out what your major risks are, and help with finding the best type of suitable protection for these is available.

The main point of a home security situation and a given for any home is to ensure high quality and up to date locks on the doors. Up to date is a vital point because, just as the industry market keeps developing to battle the treats out there, the threats out there are also developing to bypass new innovation.

It’s not the intention of this locksmith to scare you, but simply put out a warning signal for those who may be unaware, and for those who may stand without protection on some of these vital points. On contrary to what may be commonly assumed, it’s relatively easy and cheap to get up to date, and with a locksmith service which cares greatly for your security, you will be able to feel safe and sound in your home within a short period of time.

Home security inspection performed by highly-trained locksmiths

home security surveys sheffieldShould you feel any type of concern with regards to your own home security, and if you are seeking a trusted locksmith to help you make sure that you have the security measures in place at home to ensure that you are as well protected as the current climate requires you to be. In other words, why not leave your home security in the hands of a local locksmith services provider with years of experience on the market keeping up to date with the most efficient and applicable home security solutions available today.

You can give us a call at any time, and by booking in for a home security inspection, you will have taken the first steps towards a better and more secure future for you, your family and loved ones as well as your financial investments in your home and your belongings. So there is no reason for you to wait, get in touch with a friendly and trusted locksmith who comes with the warmest of recommendations from satisfied customers. You will not only find help in how to battle different type of security threats and risks that may be present at your property, but also gain valuable insight and tips and tricks in habits which you can promote in your self in order to increase on your over all home security situation.

And of course you can find assistance all the way though to installation of full blown home security and monitoring systems. Of course, ensuring that such equipment is up and running in a swift and professional manner. A flexible locksmith is always available and can cater to your schedule should you need it, and working around your day and what is most convenient to you we can find a time for appointment to ensure minimal disruption in your daily routine.

Home alarm installation from expert locksmiths

sheffield alarm installationHave you ever asked yourself the question: how secure exactly is my own home? If not, this is something that we would encourage, and perhaps be able to help you find the answer to should you not know. The reason we bring the question of home security up is that currently there are many UK homes that stand unprotected against the threat of current common intruder methods. This of course does not mean that you or your home is in immediate danger of intrusion. However it means that you could be. And home security awareness is something that any dedicated locksmith would be glad to see spread.

If you have any wonders on the subject, please feel free to get in touch with a Sheffield security expert who has your best interest at heart. Meaning that you will always get premium service, and the most applicable security solution for your home situation.

The first thing that a good locksmith provider would suggest is to get a home alarm system at home. This of course can be done with or without monitoring and the different systems have different notification and alert functions, which you will be able to handpick should you wish to do so. And if you need a locksmith security provider’s advice, you can always get in touch with our workmen no matter the time of day. So why not get in touch today, and let us help you find your way to a more secure future, and help you with your alarm installation all the way from start until finish.

Your caring locksmith understands the need for great value

great value for money in sheffieldAll the staff here understand just how strained the financial part of keeping a household can be today, there are always a whole row of outgoing which are in continuous need of attending, at times leaving things like home security low on the priority list. This is something that your caring local locksmith would like to change, and we do so by always providing great value for money home security solutions. There are many products and players on the security industry market today which has lead to the availability of many great security products at low prices. Great products at great prices is something that your diligent locksmith is always on the hunt for in order to be able to provide our customers with protection against current threats at prices which don’t break the budget.

And in an attempt to bump that thought on home security up a level on the list as well, is the fact that your local locksmith service providers makes it easy for you. All you need to do is get in touch with your requirements, or with your questions and concerns, so that we can help you find what you need. From your call, to a security inspection and potential installation of new locks or a home alarm system is quick, as we have many great affordable product in stock and waiting. If you are interested in any extra features such as a home safe, there are also a row of greatly resistant safes on order which we can supply and install for you. Very convenient, almost no hassle, and you can carry on in a much more secure way. Just get in touch with professional locksmith and home security experts today to find out the rest!

A caring locksmith service to help you all the way

caring locksmith service

Giving only the best is something that the staff here always gives their all to ensure. This is due to the deep rooted sense of care that runs through the practice, simply due to the fact that we know how our services keep customers and their families safe and secure from potential threats. Keeping our constant eye on the industry market, keeping with industry news and of course always listening closely to the needs and requirements of each individual who comes to us, is the only way to ensure you have the protection you are after. Traditions within the staff run as securely as the globe keeps spinning, and ensuring precision installations and after care for our customers is all part of what our locksmiths service who cares would call their pleasure.

If you are new to the concept of keeping security, applying to your home or your business premises, ensure you get in touch with a locksmith service expert who will not only provide the guidance and advice you need, but also ensure that you get all services at a competitive price.

And if you thought security was something which was out of your budget range, your friendly, local locksmith would humbly like to advise you otherwise, with technology making head way without parallel the last couple of decades, and the competitive market for security flourishing, you will no doubt be astonished to how the prices have dropped. Getting in touch with your locksmiths service today, can ensure that you keep a great security situation at home or for your business at a decent rate, and with the times currently as they are, this is not only advisable, but recommended.

Business security advice and installation from the professionals

sheffield small business securityIf you are on the search for a more secure solution for your business premises, why not speak to an expert in the field, here you will be able to find the help and advice you need with everything advice on products and services all the way though to installation and maintenance. On top of that, with your top quality Sheffield-based service, you’ll never pay more than you need to. Always working for the aim of being able to provide you with applicable security at an affordable price, meaning that you can protect that which you have worked for in the best way without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Security, especially for those who run small businesses, are of vital importance as inadequacy in this area can prove greatly devastating, and if you come to your locksmith security provider for assistance you will soon find out that the right security solution for your is just around the corner.

Ensuring good security for your business is not only something that will keep you financially secure, but also something which will hopefully bring you a calmer nights sleep and a better way of being. With less stress and worry about your investments, you will be able to find better solutions for your business enquiries. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with your locksmith security expert today, we can help you bring your security up to speed, so that you can focus fully on the expansion or running of your business.

Locksmiths emergency service

lockout emergency sheffieldWe are dedicated to providing the best emergency locksmith service in the area. This means that we will guarantee to turn up at your door within an hour of your call with all necessary tools and equipment. Many customers are pleasantly surprised to find, however, that we regularly have a customer’s emergency locking issue addressed within just 40 minutes of their call.

Locksmith Sheffield offers this service for homes and businesses. So if you’ve been locked out, call the experts today!

Window locks, a vital part of your home security

sheffield secure window locksSpeaking to an expert about your security situation at home is always something that is recommended, and that with good reason seeing the current climate. You can always get a hold of your local, professional locksmith service if you have any security related questions, and your worries and concerns can be put to rest by a service which has years of experience within the security industry. Something which is often overlooked, especially common for new home owners who take the great security measure of having their door locks replaced. But forget about the other main entry point of any house, namely that of the windows. Making sure that your window locks are of the highest security standard is something that our locksmiths see as equally important to ensuring that your door locks are what they need to be. And just like with the locks for your doors, your window security is something which should be on the top of your priority list.

The second option to gaining entry though a door is, as you may guess, the window, and having locks fitted by a trusted local locksmith service to ensure the integrity of your home security is something that we see as a given. If you are in need of having new locks fitted for your windows, or if you are any other questions about window locks, or anything else on the subject of security for that matter, please feel free to call our dedicated and understanding crew today! Of course here you can also find help with regards to your garage and outdoor structure security, as well as garden security. Finding good security practices for all of the before mentioned is also something that you can get help with from your most professional locksmith service providers in Sheffield

Speak to our expert locksmiths about anything

expert locksmith serviceThe times we live in are no doubt busy ones, and with a world which moves at high speed and full schedules it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to lay worries to rest. One suggestion to help you along the way getting though the never ending stack of things to do, is to get in touch with your locksmith and let us help you with a point on the list which may take up plenty of head-space. All your worries with regards to security and keeping your family and loved ones secure, as well as ensuring that your financial investments in your home or in your business are not at great and worrying risk, can be discussed with or left fully in the hands of a trained professional. With your local locksmith service you can find advice that you have been seeking to everything from your home security situation to your business security solution.

If you are pressed for time and need someone to have a look at your property ensuring that all things are up to scratch, get in touch with someone who is not only up to date with the current industry market, but with someone who has been in the industry for long enough, and who have helped countless number of homes and businesses to a good security solution.

Speaking to one of our professional locksmiths will put your worries to rest and of course, should there be any requirements for repairs, replacements or installation, it can also be found in a timely manner and at an affordable price here. Get in touch today to save your time, worry and avoid a potential disastrous scenario in the future!

Home Security Inspections

sheffield home security inspectionYou may have heard the term home security inspection or home security survey in the past without giving it much thought. Here it is referring to a thorough inspection performed by a trained locksmith  who will be able to help you identify security risks and strengths at your specific property.

In the current day and age, this is something recommended to be done for anyone, as it is important to make sure, for any home owner that the property in which one resides, and in which ones family, friends and loved ones reside. That proper and adequate measures are taken to keep your loved ones safe, as well as make sure that your belongings are secure in case of catastrophe scenarios occurring.

Should you require to get in touch with a home security inspection provider, please feel free to get in touch with our boys and girls and book in. With great flexibility we are always able to come at a time convenient to you, and help you find how you can make your property as safe as can be. With a locksmith security provider who is dedicated to their customers, we will always make sure that prices are competitive, and the recommendations that are made for security improvements are applicable and effective for you as an individual as well as for your property as one which is like no other.

To ensure that you, and your property get the highest level of protection needed at the most effective cost, we are always making sure that we tailor each security situation to the needs of each individual situation, and on top of that, in a security survey performed by a highly-trained locksmith with years of experience, you can be sure that nothing is missed and you can also be sure to pick up a few day to day tips and tricks on how you can improve the layers of security at home with little or no extra cost.

Securing your property to industry standards

sheffield security protection keysHome, business and contents insurance is of the utmost importance, but many people realise that by having substandard security systems in place they are invalidating their insurance cover. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, you would not receive any insurance payout for damage done or possessions lost. Our expert locksmiths can work with you to secure your property to industry standards. The labourers will study your insurance policy to ensure the required locks and systems are the industry norm, will inspect your property to ensure compliance with the stated requirements, and will provide a detailed and honest written quotation as to any recommended work. Following the survey, you can arrange for a locksmith to make the necessary adjustments and upgrades at your earliest convenience.

Security overhauls

key set sheffieldA security inspection of your property may well reveal unknown vulnerabilities at points of entry. They may have been difficult for you to spot but any potential intruder would pick up on such weaknesses. A security inspection by us can be carried out what the size of your property. We can then suggest security measures to tighten up problem areas or if necessary can design a complete security overhaul of your property, with everything from new locks to safes to surveillance and master key systems. Our expert locksmiths will work to your budget to help you protect your property, employees and loved ones. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the best, professional locksmiths from Sheffield today!